Linton Elementary School

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Address:?4100 Caribou Drive, Fort Collins 80525

History and Culture
Linton Elementary School, named after educators Wayne and Shirley Linton, is designated as a?Positive Behavior Support (PBS) school. Linton follows a model that establishes and maintains?a safe and effective school environment that maximizes academic achievement and behavior

Academics and Activities
Linton’s curriculum is aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards with a rigorous focus?on literacy and math and integration of technology into the classroom. In addition to core?content instruction, small group ability-leveled instruction for reading and writing provides an?enriched learning environment in which all students thrive.?To meet each student’s unique talents and interests, Linton offers full time specials such as?media/tech, art, music and PE, full time gifted and talented, and a Creativity Block where?students choose their own class. Other opportunities include Mileage Club, Battle of the?Books, Art Club, Family Art Show dinner and many other fun extracurricular clubs and activities.