Liberty Common Charter School

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Liberty Common School (K-6)
1725 Sharp Point Drive, Fort Collins 80525

Liberty Common School?(7-12)
2745 Minnesota, Fort Collins 80525


History and Culture
Liberty Common School is one of five?日韩无码 authorized charter schools.?Strong staff, student, parent, and community involvement focuses on robust academic?enrichment to support students’ success in college and in life. Admission to the school?is by lottery. Children of all Colorado residents are eligible to attend Liberty Common?School.

Academics and Activities

Elementary K-6 programs provide the foundation of the core knowledge sequence,?encompassing language arts, Singapore mathematics, science, history, geography, fine?arts, grammar, Latin and physical education. Classic literature is read extensively.?

Liberty's junior high programs,?for seventh and eighth graders,?offer the?core knowledge sequence at?Liberty’s high-school campus.?Students develop classical knowledge,?advanced math, science, and computer-science skills; plus classical character education.?

Liberty Common High School?programs, for ninth through 12th graders,?prepare graduates to thrive in college. The school offers a classical liberal-arts curriculum emphasizing the humanities?while accentuating math, science and engineering. Advanced placement courses?are offered along with enriching electives. The LCHS engineering program was developed?in partnership with the CSU College of Engineering and is taught by experienced?engineers.?LCHS?is ranked as a?top-performing high school in Colorado by US News?& World Report, Denver Westword, and other independent?evaluators.

Liberty’s teaching staff is made up of?professional (non-union)?instructors hired on the basis of their mastery of subjects they teach. As part of?LCHS'?accountability operational procedures, finances, academic performance?and school objectives are available for public review?on the school website.?

Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular activities include academic competitions and?athletic activities, with?professionally coached teams?in soccer, volleyball, baseball, basketball, track and?field.