Bethke Elementary School

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Address:?5100 School House Drive

History and Culture
Bethke Elementary School, named for long time Timnath educator Paul Bethke, is the first?in the nation to receive three Green Globes and the LEED Gold Certificate for 日韩无码 for?sustainable design. Technology integration, the arts and energy conservation are key focuses.?Bethke works closely with parents and the community to teach 21st Century skills. A Positive?Behavior Intervention Support system is used to teach character throughout the school day.

Academics and Activities
Bethke Elementary is a Core Knowledge school, focused on higher level thinking skills, and?integration of technology into the classroom. Reading instruction includes multisensory?phonics, small-group guided reading instruction, and Core Knowledge novel studies.?The Everyday Math program provides for grade acceleration in grades 3-5. A reading?specialist and gifted and talented teacher work with those students who require additional
interventions. Before and after school enrichment clubs are available to all of Bethke students.