Students with Disabilities

Contact Information

For questions about the Integrated Services Department or to leave comments?for anyone in the department, please email

Integrated Services Executive Director?
Dennis Rastatter | 970.490.3094

Integrated Services Director
Jodie Rommel | 970.490.3376

Assistant Director- Alternative Programs
Aaron Vogt | 970.490.3213

Assistant Director - FCHS Feeder Zone
Mindy Roden| 970.490.3442?

Assistant Director - FRHS Feeder Zone
Amy Villard | 970.490.3392

Assistant Director - PHS Feeder Zone
Megan Kramer | 970.219.6187

Assistant Director - RMHS Feeder Zone
Nora Love | 970.490.3223??

Integrated Services Office Manager
Sarah Zahakis?| 970.490.3233?