Students learn valuable daily skills

The PSD mathematics curriculum,?based on the , challenges students?while teaching them?valuable skills needed for everyday life.

Curriculum?used at?schools include Everyday Mathematics, Connected Math, Algebra, Geometry?and Calculus. PSD learning goals ensure that all students who are able enroll in 8th grade algebra in order?to be exposed to higher level math in high school.


Parent Toolkit

The?mathematics?toolkit is?a reference for parents to use?as they help children with math homework.??Please note?that your child's?teacher is the number one resource for what they are learning.

Teaching mathematics requires a classroom where students engage in rich mathematics and discover patterns and the why behind the mathematics.?Students?do the thinking.? Why do we invert and multiply fractions instead of dividing? Why can’t we divide by zero?? Answering the “why” questions through discovery?transforms classrooms into places where students engage?and have discourse about the mathematics in a meaningful way.

These resources will help you to help your child gain?conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application to an unfamiliar situation.??

The Parent?Toolkit includes:

  • Grade Level Overview -?Parent Roadmaps, developed by The Council of Great City 日韩无码, includes activities specific to grade level learning,?questions to ask the teacher, an understanding?of how the standards build, tips for helping your child learn outside of school, and links for additional resources.?
  • Homework Help?-?Questions for?parents to ask children as they assist them?with homework and online resources for additional support.
  • Standards?- A?comprehensive overview of the Colorado Academic Standards, Common Core State Standards, and the Standards for Mathematics Practice.?
  • Theory and Research?- A?resource list to support the instructional practices taking place in the classroom.

Contact Information

Mathematics?Curriculum Facilitator
Kelly Shank Slavik |